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The board exams always create a substantial pressure on the students, as after completion of the boards they seek for choosing the right career field. Science students although has many career choices but ACET is competitive. ACET or Actuarial Common Entrance Test is generally conducted for those students who want to take part and join the Institute of Actuaries of India as its member. For this interested candidate has to sit for an entry exam.

All you need to know about our ACET classes

We at S-CUBE Actuarial science coaching classes and tutorials provide one-stop solutions for our young and interested actuaries and help them become eligible to become a part of IAI or Institutes of Actuaries of India. Let us now check out the important course details we are focusing on for your ACET entrance exam.

  • C2B Business Economics
  • In our C2B Business Economics classes for actuaries, we introduce them with the primary principles of economics and their application in business. In our micro economic coaching classes we cover several operations such as market price, single markets, output determination. We also focus on how customer deciding operations, allocate their budget and finally produce on price and the output. We make our actuaries understand the distinct types structures of market and how to implement each for social welfare.

  • CS2 Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis
  • In this course we focus on developing knowledge and ability which young actuaries can apply on statistical methods for risk modelling, survival analysis, stochastic processes, graduation methods and the methods of time series. We also provide a guide on machine learning and its core principles to our young actuaries.

  • CS1 Actuarial Statistics
  • Our primary goal of Actuary coaching in Chandigarh is to give statistical methods in grounding mathematics that hold the highest relevancy in actuarial works. The topic we provide in our actuarial statistics classes equip the young students with the skills and methods of summarization data, statistical data. Our principles of actuarial statistics include regression, inference models and other fundamental concepts.

  • CM2 Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving
  • Our coaching classes provide conceptual ideas on financial engineering and loss reserving, which involves the CM2 principles of actuarial modelling, focusing on asset-liability models based on stochastic and the financial derivatives on valuation.

  • CM1 Actuarial Mathematics
  • Our Actuarial science course in Mumbai focuses on the mathematical techniques and the aspects of theories of interest rates in actuarial mathematics. Apart from that we are also putting a prodigious effort to equip young actuaries with the knowledge of deterministic models, their application to financial products and the basic principles of actuarial modelling.

    Every year millions of young aspirants apply for this exam, but without proper training and guidance it would be ‘beating around the bush’. S-CUBE Tutorials as Actuarial science coaching in India is one of the most prominent coaching institutions whoprepare young actuaries for ACET with hundred percent accuracy. We take pride in being a reputed actuarial coaching institution in India, where we focus on giving our best to the future actuaries. Our industrial experienced faculties play a prominent role in imparting foundation in aspirants.

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