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CB2 Business Economics

Core Principles

CB2 Business Economics

Business Economics introduces the core economic principles, and shows how these can be used practically in a business environment to help decision making and behaviour. It teaches you the fundamentals of microeconomics that dictates how different economic agents make decisions, and how these decisions interact with each other.

CB2 also explores the principles of macroeconomics, explaining how the economic system works, how decisions that affect the economic system are taken, and where the system fails to provide the necessary output.


CB2 requires 120 hours of learning. You will receive 60 hours of recorded online classes and lectures and will require another 60 hours to complete assignments, solve subject-wise questions, prepare and sit for mock tests, etc.

After successfully completing this course, you will gain systematic knowledge and critical awareness of economic theory and all other topics covered under this subject. You will also learn how to apply a range of techniques to solve various different types of problems.

CB2 will offer you a better understanding of the economic theory in relation to the business environment, and its application. You will be able to apply basic micro and macroeconomics theory to various business-related problems.

What do we provide

For CS2, you receive the following study materials.

1.      PPTs

2.      Notes.

3.      Assignments on previous papers as well as on subject-specific topics.

4.      Subject wise recorded lectures, categorised for –

a.      Conceptual and technical insights on the subject.

b.      Extensive doubt clearing sessions.

5.      Access to live online lectures on Zoom.

All of our study materials can be accessed from our cloud servers. You can also use our Android or iOS app to access online lectures, assignments, and papers.


An assessment follows the course, consisting of an online, typed examination (of three hours fifteen minutes).Anchor

Course Fee

The course fee for CS1 is INR 13500

Please note: Course and coaching fee is valid at S-CUBE Tutorials till the paper you took coaching for is not cleared. 


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Price Rs. 13500
Instructor Name Richa Kothari
Instructor Basic Info MSc. in applied Economics, Presidency University | Gold medalist in Economics | Cleared 6 Actuarial exams | Junior Research Fellow, recognized and awarded by the Govt of India
Instructor Description

An ex Data Scientist and Business Analyst, Richa Kothari is a Presidency University alumni and one of the best teachers of Actuarial Economics. She is a Gold medallist in Economics, with an M.Sc. in applied economics. Ms. Kothari has years of coaching experience and is popular amongst her students for her systematic, yet lively approach towards the courses. She teaches CB2 in S-CUBE Tutorial and is a helpful mentor for clearing any doubts. Her methodical approach is well-praised by her students, which helps them tackle even the most difficult course materials with ease. Ms. Kothari is also a Junior Research Fellow, one of the top 6% of the scholars who are recognised and awarded by the Government of India. She cleared six Actuarial exams, and currently pursuing her PhD in Economics.



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